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Newcastle disease virus antigen rapid test card

Animal Disease rapid test
Newcastle disease virus antigen rapid test card
Newcastle disease virus antigen rapid test card

Repid test for antigen Newcastle disease virus

Catalog No: HC017



This rapid test is an immuno-chromatographic test, using colloidal gold immunoassay method, to detect the antigen against Newcastle disease virus

Test procedure

1. From cloacal swab (recommended) or tracheal samples, cotton swabs should be inserted into the cloaca or trachea, and inside the walls of the rotation to wipe again and again.For young birds, also can dip in with cotton swabs directly take fresh dejection.

2. Immediately insert swab samples containing buffer tube, rotate the swab repeatedly in a test tube wall force at least 10 times, and blending solution, make the samples dissolved in solution as soon as possible.Of the tube wall on the top of the liquid surface extrusion swabs, fluid being squeezed out as much as possible, discarding the swab.

3.If fecal particles is larger, can let stand 1 to 2 minutes, make larger particles precipitate.

4.add 5 drops sample into the well on the test card;

5. place the test card on the desktop flatly, incubate for 5-20 minute, then judge the result.


Results judgement

1. positive: control line and test line are both seen wine red, the more the antibody exist, the thicker the color appear;

2. negative: only control line is seen wine red;

3. invalidation: control line isn’t seen wine red.


Use the test card as soon as possible once open the aluminum foil, or the test card will be invalidated, store at normal temperature and the shelf life is 24 months.


sensitivity: 98%

specificity: 97%

convenient: judged by eyes, dispense with instruments, operate very simply

fast: just need 5-20 minutes

use: for all levels departments of prevention and inspection, hogpens and veterinary stations.



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Product No.:HC017


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