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Clenbuterol ELISA Kit……
Product No.:FE001

1. Product DescriptionClenbuterol belongs to the group of ß-agonists. It has been known that ß-agonists are suitable for use as performance improvers within the field of livestock production; in parti 11至15个工作日送达

Ampicillin ELISA Test Kit(tissue and liv……
Product No.:DE011

1. SUMMARYAmpicillin penicillin (AM) Ampicillin, is widely used for livestock diseases have antibiotics, control and treatment played an important role. But because ampicillin penicillin can cause all 11至15个工作日送达

Streptomycin ELISA Kit……
Product No.:DE006

1. INTENDEDStreptomycin is a bacteriostatic antimicrobial. Because streptomycin is cheap, it was often added to feed to prevent and control several bacterial and protozoan infections of animal. Howeve 11至15个工作日送达

Sulfamethazine ELISA Kit……
Product No.:BE013

1. Product DescriptionSulfamethazine is is a member of the sulfonamide antibiotics family. They are effective antimicrobial drugs for the prevention of infections in cattle, poultry, and swine (prophy 11至15个工作日送达

Rapid test card for clenbuterol……
Product No.:AC002

Clenbuterol, namely "Shou Rou Jing", is a kind of nationally-prohibited feed additives used for improvingpercentage of lean meat. Since clenbuterol is a kind of doping, consuming meat produc 11至15个工作日送达

Cephalosporins Rapid Test Kit (1ppb)……
Product No.:

Cephalosporins Rapid Test Kit (1ppb) 11至15个工作日送达

Chloramphenicol Residue Rapid Test Kit(0……
Product No.:

Chloramphenicol Residue Rapid Test Kit(0.1ppb) 11至15个工作日送达

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