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Mouse Lysozyme (LZM) ELISA Kit

Mouse Lysozyme (LZM) ELISA Kit
Mouse Lysozyme (LZM) ELISA Kit

l  For the quantitative determination of Mouse LZM concentrations.

l  Detection of species: Mouse

l  Detection medium: serum, plasma, tissue sample, cell culture supernates.


Principle of test

The kit is for the quantitative level of LZM in the sample, adopt purified Mouse LZM to coat microtiter plate, make solid-phase antibody, then add samples or standards to wells with a labeled antibody specific to LZM, then add labeled HRP to the well. After washing completely, add TMB substrate solution, TMB substrate becomes blue color in wells that contains antibody - antigen - enzyme-antibody complex, reaction is terminated by the addition of a stop solution and the color change is measured at a wavelength of 450 nm. The concentration of LZM in the samples is then determined by comparing the O.D. of the samples to the standard curve. 

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