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Scientific research on α-linolenic acid

Overview of linolenic acid

Linolenic acid abbreviated as LNA, is omega-3 series polyene fatty acid (abbreviated PUFA), for the full-cis-type 9,12,15 octadecatrienoic acid, it is in the form of glycerides in dark green plants, is the composition of human tissue The main components of cells in the body can not be synthesized, metabolized, transformed into the body of the necessary living activity factor DHA and EPA. However, it can not be synthesized in the human body and must be taken from in vitro. Once the body is lacking, it will lead to the body lipid metabolism disorders, leading to reduced immunity, forgetfulness, fatigue, vision loss, atherosclerosis and other symptoms. Especially infants and young children, young people if the lack of linolenic acid, it will seriously affect the normal development of its intelligence, which has been confirmed by scientists at home and abroad, and recognized by the world's nutrition community.

The specialty of Linolenic acid

Gene relationship: α-linolenic acid stronger than DHA, α-linolenic acid in the body can be converted into DHA, DPA, EPA, etc., and add DHA can only play a part of the role. Α-linolenic acid is the parent of DHA.

Nutritional short board: If the eight categories of nutrients compared to wood, they together constitute a barrel, for all people, then α-linolenic acidwill be the shortest plate, its height directly determines the level of health and nutrition.

Functions of α-linolenic acid

α-linolenic acid is beneficial to brain health and mental improvement. Α-linolenic acid is necessary to maintain the function of the brain and nerve, it is worth noting that about 60% of the human brain is composed of fat, nerve growth requires α-linolenic acid as a raw material, nerve and neurons need α- Linolenic acid to provide energy. Α-linolenic acidderivatives DHA is an important substance in the brain, it can promote the promotion of brain nucleic acid protein and monoamine neurotransmitter synthesis, for the brain neurons, glial cells, nerve conduction synaptic formation, growth , Proliferation, differentiation, maturity has an important role. It can enhance the brain nerve membrane, synaptic membrane permeability, so that nerve information transmission pathway, improve the ability of nerve reflex, and thus enhance people's thinking ability, memory ability, stress ability. Α-linolenic acid is necessary to improve children's intelligence and prevent aging in the elderly. For students, the brain must get enough DHA to have a good intelligence and memory, or even hard study, the brain cells are not good stimulation and growth and development, so every day must intake of enough α- Linolenic acid, so as to effectively improve the academic performance. For pregnant women and young children have the same brain effect, if the lack of DHA pregnant women, fetal brain cells must be insufficient, serious will cause mental or miscarriages. So pregnant women must get enough α-linolenic acid, can be through the mother of its derivative DHA transported to the fetal brain, which for the initial development of the fetal brain has an extremely important role. Α-linolenic acid has anti-cancer effect. Researchers have discovered and isolated a substance that causes weight loss in cancer patients, and surprisingly found that the activity of this substance is controlled by the EPA of α-linolenic acid derivatives. The substance called "Fagi non-Locke factor" is produced by some stubborn tumors that use fat to supply the tumor and promote the growth of the tumor, thereby diminishing the patient's body. While the EPA can control the "Fitch non-Rock factor" activities, thus controlling the weight loss of cancer patients, and can make the tumor shrink. Α-linolenic acid has the effect of lowering blood lipid and lowering blood pressure. It has been shown that α-linolenic acid has the effect of lowering serum total cholesterol, triglyceride, low density lipoprotein, very low density lipoprotein and increasing serum high density lipoprotein. Α-linolenic acid is very effective for critical hypertension, α-linolenic acid is still lower blood pressure for higher blood pressure or prone to hemorrhagic stroke. The antihypertensive mechanism is because α-linolenic acid can make the plasma neutral fat (cholesterol, triglycerides) reduced, it can promote blood pressure, and thus inhibit thrombotic disease, prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. After a lot of practice that: the use of α-linolenic acid with the cooking oil, after about six months to a year's time, can make the body's immune system has been significantly improved, can be very effective to prevent suffering from cold, to avoid this Cause other complications.

Other introduction ofα-linolenic acid

About α-linolenic acid Introduction α-linolenic acid is known as the human body to maintain the evolution of human health and essential fatty acids, is the mother of N-3 series of unsaturated fatty acids, is the life of the evolution of the most basic and most primitive substances. Human brain organs contain about 10% α-linolenic acid and metabolites, the human retina, the nervous system also contains a large number of α-linolenic acid and metabolites, if α-linolenic acid deficiency will cause these organs to reduce functional efficiency. N-3 series of unsaturated fatty acids and other fatty acids the best ratio of 1: 5, known as the breast milk ratio, and daily life of the general intake of food oil in the unsaturated fat and saturated fatty acid ratio greater than 1:25.

Impact of α-linolenic acid

US FDA study shows that: lack of α-linolenic acid will lead to children with brain and retinal growth retardation, attention can not be concentrated, nutrition is not balanced, can not effectively absorb, directly lead to mental retardation, action uncoordinated, weak vision, ADHD, obesity, anorexia , Slow development, low immunity and other 30 kinds of symptoms and diseases.

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