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reference bovine urine panel

Since many years the field of veterinary drug residue analysis, particularly for anabolics, feels the need of reference materials in order to allow the validation of the different analytical methods and commercial analysis kits. For this purpose, Progetto Trieste has developed RealCheck BOVINE URINE, a set of 20 reference bovine urine for anabolic hormones.



Materials are supplied lyophilized and, after reconstitution, 5 ml from each vial are obtained. The content of anabolic hormones, both synthetic and natural, has been checked by instrumental methods and data obtained are reported on the technical data sheet and kit insert of the product.
RealCheck BOVINE URINE materials are suitable for the development and validation of analytical methods used to test for veterinary drug residues, as it is necessary to have a known set of samples coming from different animal populations and available in a certain quantity. Furthermore materials need to be well characterized and available in big quantity, so they can be used as reference material by different laboratories.
By the use of RealCheck BOVINE URINE materials, every single laboratory can compare methods specificity and check it even after some time, but also compare its results with another lab tahat is using the same panel in order to determine ccα and ccβ of the method used.

Click here to download the technical data sheet  BOV0120en

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