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Tetracycline continues to be used by some beekeepers

Tetracyclines are amongst the antibiotics commonly used in different fields. In beekeeping, they are often used for the prophylaxis and the treatment of the American Plague caused by a bacterium (Paenibacillus larvae) which infects the larvae of the bee causing death. Although there have been precise laws...


...which forbid the use of some antibiotics including tetracycline and suggest they eliminate the bees of interest from their breeding-ground, beekeepers still keep on using tetracyclines. A well known case in 2006 caused about 120 tons of thousand-flower honey from different geographical areas to be confiscated in Italy be the Inspectorate in charge of suppressing contamination, because they were contaminated with tetracyclines.Nevertheless there continues to be cases of honey tested positive for tetracyclines.The RASFF (Rapid Alert System for food and feed )of EFSA has recently pointed out some Argentinian honey with oxytetracycline.

Following the "codex Alimentaris"statements,honey shouldn't have any veterinary drug residue.




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