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Anigen Rapid H7AIVAg Test Kit

Anigen Rapid H7AIVAg Test Kit
Anigen Rapid H7AIVAg Test Kit

■ Principles
Anigen Rapid H7 AIV Ag Test is a chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection
of avian influenza type A subtype H7 virus in avian feces.
Anigen Rapid H7 AIV Ag Test has a letter of “T” as test line (avian influenza subtype H7
virus) and “C” as control line on the surface of the device. Both the test line and control line in
result window are not visible before applying any samples. The control line is used for procedural
control. Control line should be always appeared if the test procedure is performed properly and
the test reagents of control line are working. A purple test line respectively will be visible in the
result window if there is enough avian influenza virus subtype H7 antigen in the specimen.
A monoclonal anti-avian influenza subtype Hemagglutinin 7 (H7) virus is used in test line as both
capture and detector materials. These enable Anigen Rapid H7 Avian Influenza Virus Antigen
Test to identify avian influenza subtype H7 virus antigen in avian feces tissues with a high degree
of accuracy.

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