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South Korea 30 people diagnosed with MERS infection cases 1400 were isolated from the contact

South Korea's health welfare Province, 3, announced that at present, South Korea's Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus suspected cases of infection rose to 398 people. A total of 30 people have been confirmed to have infected patients, including 2 patients who have died, and 5. The number of people who are exposed to an infected person or who is exposed to a home or medical institution is 1400.
Briefing on the 3rd South Korean Ministry of health and welfare said that five new confirmed cases of a people belonging to the second generation successor of cases, that is, the virus through three body or substance spread of infection in the human body, is the 3 cases of this kind of cases. The second generation successor of infection is serious, because he did not patients with direct contact, that is to say not to contact with the opportunity may also be infected. In the diagnosis of MRRS cases, there are 3 people ready to discharge, and another 3 people status instability ". Because the epidemic was isolated in a day increased by 650 people, reaching 1400 people.
3 pm local time, South Korean President Pu Jinhui hosted an emergency meeting in Chong Wa Dae, to discuss the comprehensive emergency response plan. In addition to the relevant government departments outside the private experts also attended the meeting of the day.
The World Health guardian as of now has not yet released a travel or trade restrictions on South Korea. But South Korea's health well-being Ministry officials said the South Korean immigration authorities have targeted the isolation of suspected infections issued overseas travel ban.
230 schools have closed to prevent infection
Local time in June 3rd, South Korea, Vice Prime Minister of education and education minister Huang Youlv held an emergency meeting to take measures to prevent students infected with MRES virus. Announced that there were 209 school classes, then gradually increase the 21 school classes, a total of 230. But the South Korean Ministry of health and Welfare Center MERS management countermeasures headquarters said, according to the medical decision was not closed.
On the morning of June 3, a leader of the Korean Central mers Management Countermeasures of the planning department manager at the press conference said the school was closed decided there is no medical basis. At the same time, Jin Yuzhu, director of the Korean Society for the press conference, said the MERS infection rate is very low, the school and MERS infection is not relevant. The school decided to oppose. When asked about the H1N1 flu, gold director long said, school children is H1N1 influenza susceptible population and on campus to a wide range of communication, so that take closed measures is appropriate. But the MERS virus is not the same, as long as the close contact with the children to implement their own isolation can.
Public request to release MERS hospital
With the increase in fears and fears of the people, the South Korean government in the face of the public's request to publish the hospital pressure is also rising. South Korean public health officials said, do not let the hospital exposure to the epidemic prevention help ". But polls show that 83% of respondents asked the government to publish.
Since the MERS in the sky will pay close attention to the epidemic experts at the University of British Jones said the virus, transparency can be curbed the epidemic. Jones said: even if the short-term panic, open these cases, where the occurrence and the patient situation, is the best way to control the epidemic."
Currently, the South Korean government is exploring the need to set up MERS special hospital.
Park Geun hye held emergency meeting
3 pm local time, South Korean President Pu Jinhui hosted an emergency meeting in Chong Wa Dae, to discuss the comprehensive emergency response plan. Park Geun hye at the meeting first heard the Middle East respiratory syndrome diffusion detailed reports on the status of, and requirements of relevant government departments and civil experts closely to seize the time, as soon as possible to find effective nostrum, eradicate disease, restore social stability.
In addition to the government, the South Korean two parties on the rapid diffusion of the Middle East respiratory syndrome has also been a high degree of concern, and asked the government and Chong Wa Dae to intensify its seeking solutions.  www.glorybios.com
South Korea's Ruling Party National Party Kim moo Star 3, said that Middle East respiratory syndrome diffusion to the Korean economy to bring down will be more severe than the world no more shipwreck, the government should to provide timely and accurate information to all citizens and to eliminate the national anxiety.
South Korea first opposition political democratic union representative paper in Yin said that the South Korean government in Middle East and respiratory syndrome occurred early stage measures to deal with the poor, causing the national trust of government policies, the government must mobilize all state power, in order to avoid the occurrence of the adverse conditions and make every effort.
South Korea sent a letter to thank China assist www.elisakitgs.com
South Korean Ministry of health and welfare and the Ministry of foreign affairs, said the South Korean health and welfare minister, Wen hen Pyo had sent a letter to the Chinese Ministry of health and family planning committee, thanked the Chinese government middle respiratory syndrome (mers) epidemic to take timely measures to properly. Hyung scoops in a letter of thanks also said that South Korea in the future will control mers further spread of the epidemic of best and will maintain a close cooperation with China.
The World Health Organization pointed out that South Korea is after Saudi Arabia, another outbreak in the country, the epidemic and spread to the Three Kingdoms, and the emergence of three times of infection, which is the new development situation of mers, world health are working closely with the South Korean government and health unit contact, in order to understand the epidemic situation development.

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