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Better Training for Safer Food

About the initiative

"Better Training for Safer Food" is a Commission initiative aimed at organising a Community (EU) training strategy in the areas of food law, feed law, animal health and animal welfare rules, as well as plant health rules.


How to participate in training

Learn more about trainings offered in the framework of BTSF, who can participate, and how to register for training. Check also the calendar of upcoming sessions to see if there is the training in a topic in which you are interested.


Information for tenderers

The BTSF trainings are carried out by several companies who organise sessions and all practical arrangements for the participants on behalf of the EAHC. If you represent a company interested in providing such services to the EACH, check our calls for tender.


Information for current contractors

  1. The EAHC strives to provide the best service for the participants of the trainings so that the objective. To achieve this aim and to help companies properly manage their contracts, the EAHC provides useful guidelines and instructions.

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