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Primary antibodies

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1mg/ml   Buffer = 0.01M TBS(pH7.4) with 1% BSA, 0.03% Proclin300 and 50% Glycerol.
The C. elegans protein Unc-115 mediates axon guidance by modulating the growth cone Actin cytoskeleton in response to signals received by growth cone receptors. The mammalian homolog of Unc-115 is the Actin-binding LIM protein family member 1 (ABLIM1, also designated Limatin). The ABLIM1 protein has an N-terminal domain that contains four double zinc finger motifs, which conform to the LIM motif consensus sequence. ABLIM1 binds to F-Actin through a dematin-like domain and is expressed in retina, brain and muscle tissue. There are four known isoforms of ABLIM1. The gene encoding ABLIM1 maps to a region of chromosome 10 associated with frequent loss of heterozygosity in human tumors, thus identifying ABLIM1 as a candidate tumor suppressor gene. ABLIM2 and ABLIM3 show highest expression in muscle and neuronal tissues, bind to F-Actin, and are localized on stress fibers. They also have been shown to enhance STARS (striated muscle activator of Rho signaling) dependent activation of serum-response factor (SRF), thereby modulating transcription.
Also known as:
ABLIM 1; ABLIM; abLIM-1; ABLIM-L; ABLIM-M; ABLIM-S; ABLIM1; ABLM1_HUMAN; Actin binding double zinc finger protein; Actin binding LIM protein 1; Actin binding LIM protein family member 1; Actin-binding double zinc finger protein; Actin-binding double zinc finger protein; Actin-binding LIM protein 1; Actin-binding LIM protein family member 1; DKFZp781D0148; FLJ14564; KIAA0059; LIM actin binding protein 1; LIMAB 1; LIMAB1; Limatin; RGD1565768; RP11-317F20.1.

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