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Organophosphorus Pestcides ELISA Kit……
Product No.:AC-001

Organophosphorus Pestcides ELISA Kit FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for clinical diagnosis useCatalog #:AC-001Introductionl  For the quantitative determination of Organophosphorus Pestcides concentra Delivery within 11-15 working days

Chloramphenicol Rapid Test Card……
Product No.:AC003

[Introduction]The test card is quick, convenient, sensitive and suitable for rapid test of aquatic animal tissues, milk, honey. [Principle]Chloramphenicol rapid test card applies competitive inhi Delivery within 11-15 working days

Clenbuterol ELISA Kit……
Product No.:FE001

1. Product DescriptionClenbuterol belongs to the group of ß-agonists. It has been known that ß-agonists are suitable for use as performance improvers within the field of livestock production; in parti Delivery within 11-15 working days

Ampicillin ELISA Test Kit(tissue and liv……
Product No.:DE011

1. SUMMARYAmpicillin penicillin (AM) Ampicillin, is widely used for livestock diseases have antibiotics, control and treatment played an important role. But because ampicillin penicillin can cause all Delivery within 11-15 working days

2 in 1 Rapid Test Strip(β-lactams & Tet……
Product No.:CC030

1. PrincipleThis kit is based on the specific reaction of antibody-antigen and immunochromatography. β-lactams and tetracyclines antibiotics in the sample compete for the antibody with the antigen coa Delivery within 11-15 working days

Tetracycline Residue Rapid Test Card……
Product No.:AC012

LOD               100pbtest  time       10minsample           Feed  Delivery within 11-15 working days

Streptomycin ELISA Kit……
Product No.:DE006

1. INTENDEDStreptomycin is a bacteriostatic antimicrobial. Because streptomycin is cheap, it was often added to feed to prevent and control several bacterial and protozoan infections of animal. Howeve Delivery within 11-15 working days

Sulfamethazine ELISA Kit……
Product No.:BE013

1. Product DescriptionSulfamethazine is is a member of the sulfonamide antibiotics family. They are effective antimicrobial drugs for the prevention of infections in cattle, poultry, and swine (prophy Delivery within 11-15 working days

Trifluralin Elisa Kit……
Product No.:AE015

1. PurposeThis kit is used for feed, fish, shrimp and meat organizations (such as chicken, beef and pork), eggs, honey, milk, serum and urine trifluralin Quantitative detection of residues. 2. Pr Delivery within 11-15 working days

Pesticide residue rapid test card……
Product No.:EC008

If the sample and the control enzyme film is similar to the blue blank was negative, that is not excessive pesticide residues; If the sample enzyme tablets do not change color, or color the results compared with the control blank blue were significantly different, compared to strongly positive, that is, excessive pesticide residues; weak positive in between, that is slightly excessive pesticide residues. The strong positive and weak positive results should repeat the test to confirm. Delivery within 11-15 working days

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