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Pyrethroids ELISA - an important tool to kill insects and prevent West Nile virus

Pyrethroids elisa are basically chemicals that help to kill insects and mosquitos. Besides this, they are used as an important tool that prevents the blowout of west nile virus. The professionals of mosquito control mix this chemical with oil or water and then apply it on an ultra-low volume that kills flying mosquitos and other insects. While using Pyrethroids, it has been found that this element impose a very little risk to human health and environment. However, if you still want to keep yourself away from this insecticide, stay indoors while spraying and come out after 30 minutes.

Pyrethroids ELISA kit is a type of man-made pesticide which is quite similar to the natural pesticide called Pyrethrum, which is mainly produced by chrysanthum flower. More than thousand types of pyrethroids pesticides have been produced so far. But, the most popular ones are resmethrin, permethrin and sumithrin. This insectide is found in various commercial products like pet spray, shampoo etc.

After spraying pyrethroids, it settled on to the flat surface and ground. As this insecticide is mixed with water or oil before spraying, the amount of chemical left on the ground is very low. This element is broken down by other chemical and sunlight in the atmosphere. The presence of the chemical lasts for only one or two days in the environment.

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Read:  2016-05-26 09:30:37  Glory Science Life science source -ELISA Kits - Antibodies - Research Products
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